MOU Signed with Bharati Vidyapeeth College of Engineering, Navi Mumbai

Common Interests and Agreement:
After studying and objectives of each other, ST and BVCOE, Navi Mumbai agreed that, they
can share the expertise available at both ends for mutual benefits in the field of
education, training, industrial research and consultancy and enter an MOU. Based on
discussion held among the faculties of BVCOE, Navi Mumbai and Director & Project
Manager ST of are certain programs have been indentified for mutual collaboration
such as:
 Providing Industrial internship to students
 Organize joint programs such as STTP, Conference etc.
 Organize Industry Training Programs for undergraduate students
 Joint publications and Consultancy
Recognize that programs organize and projects handled by these two organizations
will generate revenue which will benefit each organization.

Gallary of various activities conducted by SHIRSH at Bharati Vidyapeeth COE during Past years: